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Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising Online


There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with advertising online. The first aspect of advantages is the World Wide Web opens up new communication possibilities for personalized messages to be delivered to targeted individuals (Davis 2000, 113). By positioning an [advertisement] on a website which relates to the target markets specific interests, interest and further speculation should occur. Advertising online enables target marketing, message tailoring, information access, sales potential, creativity, exposure and speed.

Secondly, online advertising has the capability to reach a global audience at a fast rate. This enables extensive exposure and is an important characteristic of online advertising, and a major component of why online advertising is so successful.

Thirdly, marketers undertaking new possibilities to perform traditional marketing strategies in electronic environments push higher chances to create synergy. Janal (1995, 47) mentioned that the Internet offers the best multimedia tools for presenting information, through the World Wide Web, a hypermedia environment. It is as further explained that it is a place where marketers can present their information with pictures, animation, sound and text. Indeed the power of Internet has impact on the multitude of advertising formats. This can be seen from the numerous web tools such as banners, rich media, intertials, and interactive broadband commercials as seen on the websites nowadays. These are the multiple forms of online advertising tools used by advertisers over the time aiming towards developing exciting, interactive, eye catching advertisements that can draw consumers’ attention, at the same time increasing their brand or sales online. Strauss and Frost (1999, 202) states that the Net’s big strength is direct response advertising where direct response leverages the Internet’s unique opportunity for two way communication with consumers. Placing advertising in this environment will grants advertises unique opportunity for in the element of interactivity. The interactive capabilities of ‘cyberads’ offer key advantages for vendors to establish and maintain dialogues with customers (Janal 1995, 269).

The opportunities for creativity in online advertising are limitless. IAB (2005) on the other hand had drafted out a very comprehensive set of 28 good reasons to use interactive advertising that places the overview of interactive advertising advantages. In the list, it provides 28 points on a marketer’s potential uses of the internet and corresponds with 28 ways of measure performance.


Even though there are many advantages for companies who advertise online, there are also some disadvantages involved. Disadvantages of advertising online include: measurement problems, audience characteristics, websnarl, clutter, potential for deception, costs, limited production quality, poor reach and lack of Intrusiveness.

Story credit: M/Cyclopedia of New Media Wiki Media-Culture

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