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These are the 4 most popular reasons to sell your old gold and gold jewelry for cash Cash for Gold


Charley Brindley


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1. The price of gold is near an all-time record high

Indian bride with all her gold

Photo credit: Gold Seek

Juggling glasses of white wine and baggies filled with baubles, dozens of women descended on a well-appointed Orange County home this week to trade in their old golden treasures for hefty checks.

There were earrings from ex-boyfriends, ring settings with missing stones and chain bracelets from sorority sisters. One woman brought in her husband's wedding ring -- from a previous marriage.

Julia Geivet, 39, had hopes of selling an "embarrassing" Italian horn bauble she had owned since eighth grade and a few other small trinkets, which she thought might get her $30.

"I figured I'd come get a little money and socialize and chat ," said Geivet, who was recently laid off as a manager at Verizon Communications Inc. "It might not come out to a lot, but right now, every little bit helps."

She left with a check for $302.92.

Gold is hot. The precious metal soared $25.70 an ounce Friday to $1,001.80, topping the $1,000 mark for the first time in nearly a year. South African Krugerrands , American Eagles and other gold coins are in demand as people seek safe investment havens in uncertain times.

That has people digging through their drawers and jewelry boxes looking for watchbands, cuff links, chains and bracelets that can be sold to jewelers, pawnshops and other brokers to be melted down to feed the growing demand for gold coins.

Story credit: The Los Angles Times, March 23, 2009

2. Your jewelry has gone out of fashion

a gold filigree bra designed by Chinese designer Zhou Ningxin

Photo credit: China Economic Net

Guest Blog Post by Leslie Keller

As a jewelry connoisseur, I pride myself in the quality of my gold jewelry. I also pride myself on keeping up with fashions and trends in jewelry, fashions and trends that can change rapidly. I often buy gold jewelry that is trendy knowing that in a matter of months or even weeks it will no longer be in style. I am a slave to fashion and that will never change.

Thus I often find myself with gold jewelry that is no longer fashionable or attractive to me. Yesterday’s gold chandelier earrings are today’s fashion no-no. In order to keep abreast of styles, I sell my gold jewelry here, so I can get some cash in exchange for gold jewelry that I no longer want or need.

Story credit: Gold Paq

3. To pay off credit card balances

gold jewellery found beside a German road

Photo credit: Current

Gold prices have reached some of the highest ever, making now a good time to profit from your jewelry. If you're looking for some extra cash to pay off your credit card and other debt, selling your gold jewelry might be a good way to go. lists some ways to make the most from your gold.

Getting an appraisal, selling higher karat gold, and using reputable buyers are just a few of the ways to maximize your profit.

Once you have the cash from your gold, you'll have to decide how to best use it for your debt. Making a Get Out of Debt Plan and 5 Principles of Making Credit Card Payments will help you figure out how to best spend the money to pay off your debt.

Story credit: About dot com Credit / Debt Management

4. To earn money to put into real estate

Dealer in Dubai

Photo credit: Gold World

To follow is an excerpt of an interview with Marc Stephan Garrison, founder of the National Association of Real Estate Investors, and author of several books on real estate investing.

Mosca: What is happening in America today as it relates to real estate and real estate investing from both a residential and a commercial side?

Garrison: All real estate exists in one of four-cycle stages and that would be Expansion, Equilibrium, Decline, and Absorption. I invest, and take investor clients, into absorption markets. On Saturday, I will be flying to an absorption market where there are new jobs that justify construction, and will provide a positive cash flow from day one. Every single listener right now can get involved in these absorption markets. There are dozens of them in the United States. The key is due diligence. In fact, I am looking for new markets to go into in May. I have a rule: I go out with investors four times a year and only go into the very best markets. It is no different than what Mike Anderson and Nathan Hanks have been doing at RealSource since 1989. They do the due diligence, they discover markets, and they take advantage of the opportunities in markets. For example, this coming Saturday I will spend a week in a market with a group of 25 investors and these people will buy about $23 million worth of real estate. I have a whole group of investors that I have taught that have become self-made real estate millionaires because of our conversations and because of our buying tours. Those people will actually volunteer time to help your listeners do the same without a charge. RealSource offers your listeners a free consultation with its Client Advisors by going to Income Property Investment Talk dot com, and that’s what I believe in. I have some of the very best mentors. They are not selling anything. They are not trying to get your money. They just want to help. Bottom line: Whatever stage you’re in; there is a way to invest.

Story credit: Realty Times

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