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Critique Groups

Critiquing can be tough for both the critiquer and the author of a story. It's often not just the content of a critique, but the way in which the critique is delivered or the author's reaction to it which can make or break the critiquing experience for both parties. Let's take a closer look at critiquing from both the critiquer's perspective and the author's perspective and see what can be done to turn this experience into a positive one for everyone. First, let's look at critiquing . .


It's time--time for you to sit down and do some serious critiquing of another writer's story. Your palms are starting to sweat. Trepidation is causing cold shivers to ripple down your spine. You're wondering whether you've got enough diplomatic skill to do a "good" critique. You fear that you'll hurt the author's feelings or that you aren't competent enough to give a good critique . . . or maybe you're worried about both of these. You ask yourself: what's a good critique? You realize that you don't quite know, which heightens all those other bad feelings you're having. Well, calm down. Take a deep breath and read on. With some luck, by the time you've finished reading these guidelines, you'll be feeling a whole lot better . . . and you'll be able to handle that critique competently without alienating the author even if you've never met him or her in person.

Let's talk about why you're doing the critique. Critiques are the single best source of feedback that writers can tap to find the flaws their stories and to improve their writing skills. When you critique, you're helping another writer improve her or his story. You're moving the writer closer to getting his or her story published.

You also benefit. Critiquing is your opportunity to enhance your editing skills. Good editing skills are essential if you ever want to have any of your own work published. So, by doing a critique, you're not only helping the author; you're helping yourself. A win/win situation.

Credit: Victory Page for Fiction Writers

This is a collection of online critique groups

Scribophile ..... An online critique group for aspiring authors

Critique Circle ..... An online writing workshop ..... An online destination for anyone interested in writing, writers, reading or readers

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