Ariion Kathleen Brindley

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by Darcell Scott


Everette Cortez and Napoleon McDowell out looking over the city on a ledge, discussing a prospective pupil.........

Napoleon: "I've watched him from a distance, studying his thoughts, his movements.    He is very observant, yet he overlooks portraits of his own.    Distracted by the envy he carries for those whose intelligence that he believes surpasses his.    Blinded by the concept of applying knowledge that has been rehearsed is of no comparison of his creativity.    A gift he has indeed.    To be able to summon his energy at will.    To create his own motives to do so.    Don't you agree he is incredible Everette?"

Everette: "I imagine something about him would be impressive in order for him to match my chosen student.    Though it is not him I seek interest in, the kid does have potential."

Napoleon: I'd say he had little more than just potential, moron.    He is of an young age and has yet learned to fully apply himself.    To think, once he discovers how to use his abilities he would realize there is more, the possibility to learn more.    Infinite knowledge.    (Giggling to himself) I'd say he could be quite a threat if not deadly.    I owe this to your soon to be revitalized, arrogant, ignorant pupil.    If it weren't for him he may have never stumbled upon anything.    Probably be killed in a drive by shooting of his own kind. Either that or die of sickness or old age."

Everette: " Shun would have learned Napoleon anyway without the interference of KrisAnthony.    True Kris fueled the fire of Shun by driving him and pushing him instead of killing him. Besides he still had Kim Wong, and had you not forgotten he had the guidance of the noble Esselence."

Napoleon: "Oh yeah, the noble warrior Esselence.    How great he was, now just a tired being in search of answers. He fights no longer.    Yeah, he would have learned something.    Perhaps how to fly in his dreams or something useless like that.    But, never would he had been strong.    Fortunately I am always plotting.    Shun is of religion. He follows it and believes in it.    Always trying to be faithful.     I know of this God he prays too.    His God speaks not to me and shows me know vision.    Isolated from His sight.    Never a response from the above about this wretched earth.    That will be his downfall.    I will use his questionable doubt in faith and God to confuse him and turn him to me.    At once Everette, fetch KrisAnthony.    There is work to be done."


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