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Elephant Web Pages

This is a collection of websites dealing with elephants and how they live, what they eat and how they were used in battle.

Maintained by Charley Brindley

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The modern-day African and Asian elephants belong to the order Proboscidea. In the past there were some 350 members in this order, but over time the majority of the members succumbed to extinction. Today, there are only two final survivors to this order, Elephas maximus(Asian elephant) and Loxodonta africana(African elephant). But, much like their predecessors, these two species are facing a grim future that is heading very near to another man-propelled extinction.

Did you know? Elephant in latin (as ele and phant) means the Huge Arch!

The word "elephant" has both Greek and Latin origins. This applies specifically to the elephant´s scientific genus name "Elephas". In Greek linguistics, elephos represents an antlered beast or stag. The roots of the word "elephant" in latin is divided into two words; ele means arch and phant means huge. Also, the genus name Loxodonta, for the African elephant means losenge-shaped teeth for the chewing surfaces.

Story credit: Elephant Information Repository

An elephant encyclopedia

Elephant Behavior

Elephant Training

Elephant Information from Zoo School

Elephant Commuinications

Elephant Care from Circus News

A fine elephant website in Spain, in English and other languages

Many picutres of elephants

Lots of elephant information

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Elephant facts

Living With Elephants Foundation

Pictures of African Elephants

Elephant Communications

Elephant are right-tusked or left-tusked

Elephants in Sri Lankan Culture

How much does an elephant eat every day?

The African elephant, from the Oakland Zoo

Elephant Questions

Asian Elephants

War Elephants

Hannibal and his elephants

Hannibal's route across the Alps

Good Article about Carthagian Army from Strategikon Magizine

Hannibal by Jacob Abbott written in 1901

Handbook of Roman equipment and gear

Greek historian Polybius

Livy's account of Hannibal

Elephants From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hannibal Barca and the Punic War

Pictures of Hannibal's elephants

Battle of Trebbia

Battle of Trebbia Second account

Battle of Trebbia 3rd account

Battle of Trebbia Good map

Battle of Dertosia 215 BC in Spain

Hannibal--Spain to Italy

The battle of Cannae

When Elephants were first seen in Italy

Hannibal's War Elephants

Elephants in War

Punic Names

Ancient Carthage

All about Hannibal

Hannibal -- Battles

Why did they do that?

Life in Carthage

The Golden Plates - Translation

Phoenician Inscriptions Around the World

Dido - First queen of Carthage

A good site on Dido

Notes on Hannibal

Historical Sources

Elephant voices

The History of Carthage

ConLang word generator

How to use a handspindle to turn cotton into yarn

The Phoenician Deities

Phoenician Colonies

History of Carthage

Dido, Queen of Carthage

Life in Carthage

The Incomparable Hannibal

Phoenician Maps

Mago's Treatise on Agriculture

Punic Literature

Carthage History

Carthage economy and money

Ancient Prices and money denominations

Ancient Prices

How Much did Things Cost?

Punish Fines -- Salic Laws of the Franks

Carthage Timeline

How to make couscous

Couscous recipe

More Couscous

Carthage settlements along North Africa plus more

Elephants at the battle of Trebbia River

Elephants after the Alps

Elephants through the Alps

Carthage Law of Sacrifice

Dido References

Crops and animals

Crops and animals Sahara History

See how to make a fire, bake bread and spin yarn in the Iron Age

Punic War ship

Punic War ship 2

Ancient Cartharge

Book about Hannibal in Spain

University of Texas course on Hannibal

Phoenician Trade and Ships

Ancient History of Tunisia

What caused the Iron Age

Great map of Hannibal's route

Some info on Livy

Temetfutue - Huge database on historical and Roman information

Phoenician Navigation

Phoenician Star

How to find the North Star

Names of the stars in the Big Dipper

Livy's account of Hannibal's war

History of eggs as food

Roman Food

Roman Recipes

Food history

What did Jesus eat?

De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things)

The Museum of Antiquities


The Goddess Tanit

Ancient Carthage and Tanit

Carthigian Soldiers

More Carthigian Soldiers

Details on Carthigian Soldiers

Details on Carthigian Soldiers and Cavalry

Carthigian 3D Soldier

Carthigian Hoplite

Hat Miniatures Home Page

Carthigian toy Soldiers

Hannibal crossed the Alps

Phoenician Ships

Punic Ships

Carthigian Army

Hannibal's Soldiers

Carthaginian African Infantry

Wood of the Middle East

Birds of Tunisia

Atlas Mountains

A history of time keepping and the water clock

Phoenicia technology

Phoenicia alphabet

Ancient Scripts

1911 Encyclopedia article about Carthage

Articles about Hannibal and the Alps

Ancient time pieces

Water Clock

War Elephants were males

War Elephants models

Roman army units

Carthaginian Soldiers

Herbal Remedies

More Herbal Remedies

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