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The Blonde's Interview

A young blonde polish woman walks in for a job interview, but the fellow doing the interviews tells her he doesn't have time today.    He says, "Since this is an inconvience for you, I'll ask you to come back in 3 days for another interview, and in the meantime I will tell you what I am going to ask you so you can have good answers."

The man tells her, "The three questions I will ask are: How many days of the week begin with the letter "T"? Secondly, how many seconds are there in a year? And lastly how many "D's" are there in RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER?"

After telling her this, the man wanted to know if there were any questions.    The woman replied "No."

3 days later the woman returns and is ready for her interview, which goes like this:

Man: "How many days of the week begin with the letter "T"?"
Woman "Two."
Man: "Good, what are they?"
Woman "Today and Tomorrow."
Man: "Good answer, not quite what I had in mind, but O.K."
Man "How many seconds in a year?"
Woman "Twelve."
Man: "How did you come up with this answer?"
Woman "Simple, Jan 2nd, Feb 2nd, Mar 2nd..........."
Man: "Alright how many "D's" are there in RUDOLPH THE RED
Woman "2365"
Man: "How did you ever arrive at that figure?"
Woman "Simple.. (starts humming dee dee dee to the tune)"

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