Ariion Kathleen Brindley

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Thy Love

Paths deepened by weary souls.
They, too, had stood as I
While love passed them by.

I saw your face. You touched my hand.
My heart beckoned to thee.

My path is sunny .. with flowers and trees,
warmth of laughter & honeybees.

Could I not see?
Had beauty been here all the while,
Passed by except for thee?


I walked to the window.
I paused. I stared.
I turned and walked away.

I knew that time had been my friend.
I would return another day.

Time has no friend.
Soon it was no more.

Why did I stop at the winddow?
Why did I not pass through the door?


He hoveers coldly in the shadows of my life...
A man-like beast.
Venomous words spew from his lips,
More deadly than a python is he.

With each thrust of word,
I feel the poison weaken my spirit,
destroying my soul.

I pull away.
How shall I save myself?
Kindness is not the answer
for kindness has been rejected.

abstinence perhaps?
Not of the flesh,
for he has long since abstained from this.
Then abstinence of the spirit ....
I shall offer no evidence of will,
of desire,
of hope.

Shall this beast pursue the dead?
I think not'
For he thrives on the act of destruction ....
Not the destroyed!

Old Friends

You fade in and out of my life
like scenes in a play.
Your visits oten unannounced,
Uncertain your length of stay.

Life'sjourney ebbs in measure of days, months, and years.
success determined by the number of friends,
and character strengthened by tearrs.

Mountains lend strenght in number as they encircle the sky,
Entrapping the beauty of nature to offer the passers - by.

You are as mountains
Each strong and certain
and offer that strength to me.

Eeach distinct in shape and size
and offer your will to please.

I thank you, old freinds
for the joy you've given me.


"Your ten," I said
with a heart full of pride,
as I stood closely at his side.

"Yesterday you were four"
Tiny sunshine,
A joy to adore.

I gazed in wonder
at how fast he had grown.
I shivered in fear
that soon he would be gone.

That moment of joy
I grasped with my mind,
To be remembered
time after time.

His love given freely.
His trust complete.
Only time could tarnish,
experience defeat.

His rule was simple,
"Love me, I'll love you."
If grown ups could live
by such a clever rule,

No wars would be fought.
No battle cries heard.
No courtroom decisions.
No custody word.

Prisons .... Unthinkable,
Reprieve .... No need.
No one would be judged
for a sinister deed.

Our days would be longer,
our dreams more fulfilled
If we could but live
as a child would have willed.

The Two

Side by side they sat
in autumn's evening sun.
Faces weary ....
Life's race nearly run.

He, in his seventies,
She, his child you see.
Was I as much his image
as she?

Time ... His enemy.
"Incurrable" ... Her decree.
Yet they taked of tomorrows
and things that shall come to be.

Autumn had come
in season and in life.
They soon would be leaving
both husband and wife.

"Leave weeping for the lonely,"
often he had said.
"I have lived a good life.
My soul has been fed."

Contentment was theirs
as they taked of gardens,
peach tree blooms,
soil that hardens.

My heart cried out for mercy ...
Against pain!
Let them stay longer.
Let their souls remain!

Must they suffer for heaven?
Does it wait in the end?
Then give the both mine,
Say, "a token from a friend."

Life gave them so little,
empty promises and dreams,
so give them my heaven,
Most fitting it seems.

The righteous shall damn me.
The sinner will sneer.
Only God knows my logic,
if indeed he's been here.            

If you've written a story or a novel, click Literary Agents email addresses to see a list of literary agents' e-mail addresses

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