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by Joseph Cube

       Entering the chamber, the musty smell of age greeted him.     It wrapped slowly around him suffocating him as a mothers bosom.     He look to his left and saw nothingness, and he looked to his right and saw nothingness more.     He looked ahead and he saw a dark figure.     With human curiosity he slowly began to approach.     His shoes echoing remorse, the smell of age grew stronger he slowed his journey stopping only a few feet from the figure.     Not able to see all, he did see the figures eyes.     Windows to the soul, these windows showed nothing soulless, lifeless, nothing. He stepped back slowly, but coming to an abrupt stop as the figure slowly moved as well.     Unable to turn his eyes away he continued to look into the figures deep pools of dark nothingness.     Raising a hand in sudden courage or defiance, the figure moved again, his hand dropped in terror. And still his whole self were transfixed upon the blackholes which seemed to stare back at him following his every move, beckoning him to join.     His knees began to buckle and he fell kneeling to the ground, the musk now suffocating him.     And he looked up and saw the figure rise, with its eyes staring into his own.     He tried to scream in terror but the musk entered him and would not allow him to.     Now with no choice nor any thought of escape he crawled toward the figure, its shape growing in size with every inch he took, but still he continued to look and now he could see more, much more than he could see before.     More than he wanted to see, for past the dark pools of oblivion which whirled and threatend to take him, he saw somthing familar, somthing vaugly familar, he slowly began to recognize the figure and he realized what it was, who it was, and etched upon its forehead was written Exeunt omnes*.     His, terror with renewed strength, he screamed, and the mirror broke.

*they all leave


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If you've written a story or a novel, click Literary Agents email addresses to see a list of literary agents' e-mail addresses

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