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Literary Agents email addresses

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Name                        :        Jyoti Sarup (Mr.)

Date of Birth            :        20th August 1954.

Address                    :        B - 604, Abhishek Apartments,

                                            Juhu Versova Link Road,

                                            Andheri (w), Mumbai,

                                            INDIA, Pin - 400 053.

 Telephone            :           Mumbai: 91(22) 637 3562,     Delhi: 91(11) 6495049 / 6492598.

Fax                        :            Mumbai: 91(22) 637 1023,      Delhi: 91(11) 5119350.

E-mail                    :    /;            

Cell                        :             +91 98690 53156


Achievement        : 

                        Won a “National Award” for my Feature Film “BUB” in Kashmiri, Year 2002.

                          It is Nargis Dutt Award for best Feature Film on National Integration.

 Qualification        :  

            1.   B.E. (Mech.) from Vikram University, Ujjain (M.P.).

            2.      Knowledge of Computers & Internet.

             3.    Diploma from National School of Drama, New Delhi 

                    And Film & TV Institute of India, Pune.

            4.    Languages known: Hindi, English, Urdu, Kashmiri & others.

 Experience:     In the Film & TV Industry for last 20 years.

  1. Started as Chief Asst. Director to Shri Ramanand Sagar, Shri Atma Ram & Shri Shakti Samanta 

  2. Independent Director of Films and TV serials, for more than 11 years. 

  3.  “Head of Production”, at Sony Entertainment TV,

  4. General Manager (Prod. & Prog.), at Falak TV, World’s First URDU Satellite Channel, (which did not take off).

  5. Sr. Vice President (TV) at DESL (Devgan Entertainment & Software Ltd.)

  6. Completed the Feature Film “BUB” (Kashmiri) for Producer NFDC. Got the National Award for it, which is ready for release.

 Satellite Channel   :           

  1. Remained Head of Production Deptt. at Sony TV, and personally saw that Programmes like Aahat, Chamatkar, Boogie Woogie, CID, etc. were improved to get top TRP’s. Also improved the dubbing Programmes like ‘I Dream of Jeannie’, ‘Were wolf’, ‘Young and Restless’ etc.

  2. I am an Expert in Events, have personally supervised the shooting of the Programmes like ‘Lata Mangeshkar in Concert’, ‘Graviera- Man of the year’, ‘Femina - Miss India’ and others. Sony TV was positioned at No.8th Channel in India at the time of my joining & when I left it was at No.2nd Channel. It is still there.

  3. Then General Manager (Production & Programming) of Falak TV, World’s First Urdu Channel. Got Programmes made from the top producers of Mumbai, at very reasonable costs, but the channel did not take off.

Directed Serials & Tele Films on TV: 

  1. Buniyaad: (From Episode 27 to 42, on DD) Popularly known as Mother of Soap Operas, was based on India - Pakistan partition. First serial on DD with lavishes settings, multi-location with lots of emotional Drama. The serial is popular even today.

  2. Guldasta: A hilarious musical comedy with guest stars as Anil Kapoor, Satish Kaushik etc. and Cricket stars like Dilip Vangsarkar, Sanjay Manjerekar etc. on DD.

  3. Darwaze:  Socially relevant depicting Indian values and culture, on DD.

  4. Sandhya - Chhaya: A Telefilm of 2hr. 15min. Premiered on DD1, on 28.01.95, in the evening feature films slot. Depicting the pains and sorrows of an elderly couple living alone in the vast cosmopolitan city. Their sons provide them every thing; money, luxury etc. but do not share the emotional problems of the couple. A very relevant modern problem presented in a dramatic way.

  5. Parvarish:  A modern family drama blended with a murder mystery on Zee TV.

  6. Rani Ketki Ki Kahani: First Hindi Story written in the year 1805, by Inshah Allah Khan, depicting Hindu God and Goddesses. A fantasy costume drama on DD.

  7. Inspector Navin Mohan: First time on Indian TV a serial of detective story of 90min. each was made. Each story was a complete Tele - Film in it self, yet there was a link between the 90 min. episodes, like James Bond series, telecasted on IN-TV.

  8. Kaala Sindoor:  Shot 6 episodes of a Daily family soap, to be telecasted soon.

 Directed the Feature Films:   

 Naya Zaher: India’s first feature film on AIDS. The treatment given was of a thriller where the main villain in the film is not a person but the disease AIDS. Again for the first time regional stars like Uttam Mohanti (Orissa), Satabadi Roy (Bengal), Ragini (Gujarat), Disco Shanti (South), etc. were assembled in the cast.

 Bub (Kashmiri): Completed this feature film. Releasing soon all over India and Internationally. Film based on a real incidence, of killing 23 innocent of one family, in a village at Kashmir. Produced by NFDC. Won a National Award & waiting for other International Awards.

 Directed the Short Films:    

Aadhe Adhure Se Pure: First time in India, a short film was made on Jaipur Foot Hospital, an Institute which provides artificial limbs, free of cost to the people, who have lost their limbs (Arms, Hands, Legs, Feet etc.) in accidents. A heart touching experience Produced by Shri K. C. Bokadia, and Narrated and shot on Shri D.R. Mehta, Ex. Chairman SEBI, and the Director of the institute… and many more Productions.


  • Learn Better Kung Fu: 

Published in year 1983, by Orient Paperbacks, Delhi. 11th Edition in Market.

  • Expert love: 

Published in year 1989, by Jaico Publications, Mumbai. 11th Edition in Print.

  • Fine art of Acting:

Published Nov. 2001, with Forward by Padamshri Ramanand Sagar, by Jaico Publications, New Delhi & Mumbai.

  • American Born Confused Desi’s Latest jokes:

Publishing in year 2002.

  • Learn Better Cricket: 

Publishing in year 2003, by Orient Publications, Delhi.

  • The KING of film jungle: 

A fiction novel will be complete by the end of year 2003.



If you've written a story or a novel, click Literary Agents email addresses to see a list of literary agents' e-mail addresses

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