Synopsis of the novel

“The KING of the film jungle”

By - Jyoti Sarup


This novel is set in the present day, at Bombay {now known as Mumbai}, India.

 It is about a very rich and famous, Bollywood [Bombay film industry is known as Bollywood], Director, Kirti Anand and his family and friends. It talks about his life his childhood, and how he reached the dizzy heights of directorial success through his ruthlessness and astute moves in the film industry. His unprecedented rise to the top, making him the most sought after director in the country, but in the process he had to pay a very price, he looses his wife and the trust of his younger son. He nevertheless carries on even more ruthlessly and with a vengeance like fury, to create one blockbuster after another.

 He is hated, loved, despised, admired feared and envied, but no one understands the real man or is able to unmask what lies behind his suave exterior. He is known as Egoistic, Drunkard, Womanizer, Corrupt and not a good Director, just lucky. But he is a stickler for perfection and although his detractors called him unscrupulous, little did they know that he works on his script and shots meticulously. During his stint as assistant to famous directors, he learned all there was to be learned specially, ‘What not to do’!

 This novel very minutely describes the various characters including the protagonist, describing every movement, thought process, action, expression thoroughly, creating a very interesting character study. Kuber, his elder son, who has just arrived from US, after getting trained in film Acting, he understands his father and supports him. Karan, his younger son, who hates the father for ditching his mother. Rekha, his live-in mistress for five years, who is understanding and undemanding, she has yearned secretly for marriage but remains content with what ever little she got. His mother Vasudha, epitome of the Indian motherhood, who is religious, god fearing and adores her son Kirti and grandsons.

 Mohan Shah, his closest buddy and best friend now his right hand man and PR representative, astute and extremely intelligent and trust worthy. His sister and her husband, Ranvir Sharma, the non-interfering, Government IAS officer, who observes every thing, but keep his distance. The estranged wife Sangeeta fed up with her husband’s flings, now devoting time in meditations. The throng of relatives who horde around the great director for favors, the hundreds of stars, divas and upcoming actresses who swirl around him for favors and many others.

 In the beginning of the novel, Kirti Anand is hurled down from the pinnacle of success into the labyrinths of hell, because of his health. This incident creates chaos, panic and commotion in the otherwise excited household, which was all geared up to celebrate his 50th birthday, with hordes of relatives amassed at his palatial house.  The golden boy of the movie industry finds himself in a helpless situation where he becomes dependent on those around him for every little action.

He becomes a victim of fate, a fate that he had created by sowing bad causes, and as his younger son Karan, a loyal to his mother, says, when his father falls ill;

 ‘So your KARMA has finally caught up with you, Dad’.

 His journey through the denizens of hell awakes him to the realities of life finds his true friends and foes in the times of hardship. The curtains are finally removed from his eyes and he is able to see people in their true color. A kind of self transformation and self reformation takes place in him where he makes a long journey into the deep recesses of his soul, and finally finding the true meaning of world and life. 

 This is not a make-believe novel with make-believe people. Those portrayed therein are the people we know the feelings and emotions we read about, we feel and see in our lives. The problems they face, the lives they lead are not far removed from ours. Although the setting is the film world, the characters are very humane. With a keen insight into Indian film world with its unsaid rules laid out clearly for one and all. The author describes the Glittering lives of Stars, their innermost thoughts and fears.

It is all about Kirti, his family, emotions, romances, pride, cheating, selfishness, truths, mysteries, fights for supremacy, arrogance, pride, love, ladies, Casanova image, ups and downs, surprises to his friends, realization of truth in life, and finally his oneness with the universe and mankind.

 It has the traditional, rituals, and the religious background of INDIA.

It is a story of a rich, lonely man on the top.

It is about the greed and achievements of a man.

It is about the materialistic life.

It is the search of peace in life and of one’s soul.

This is a novel for every one who is ‘Alive’.