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First Pages of Hat Box Collections

The Firefighter

On a rainy Saturday afternoon Joey and Madison were at their Grandma’s house playing hide and seek. Joey began counting 1-2-3-4; Madison hurried trying to find a good hiding spot. She went up the tall staircase where Grandma had all of her old things. Madison sat behind an old trunk that had an old hatbox sitting on top of it. Madison thought, “This is a good place to hide.“ Madison sat quietly so Joey would not hear her. She heard Joey slowly coming up the steps.

“Madison, are you up here?” Joey asked. Joey backed up looking all around him. Just then he backed into the old trunk and knocked the old hat box into Madison’s lap and she began to laugh.

Joey shouted “I found you Madison.”

Madison said, “Joey look inside of this old hat box there are some old books, an old patched bear and a bunch of little hats, look there is an old note glued to the inside of this box lid.”

“What does it say?” asked Joey.

Madison began to read. “Please take good care of my bear for she has a lot of love to share; her name is LM Bear. Set a hat upon her head, a book in her hand and she will read to you who and what she has been. When she is done reading, kiss her goodnight on top of her head and place her in her bed. Inside the hatbox she will stay until you decide to let her out and play."

Both were looking over the hat and book that they would choose. Joey and Madison saw the bright red Firefighters hat sitting proudly in the Hatbox.

Joey said, “Madison, I am going to be a Firefighter.”

“I am too,” Madison said. Both Joey and Madison took the Firefighter book and the bright red Firefighter hat from its Hatbox along with LM Bear.

“Joey look at me, I am a Firefighter,” said Madison.

Joey shouted, “Get the hose Madison we need to put the fire out.” Joey placed the book into LM Bear’s hands, placed the hat on her head and she began to read. Joey and Madison sat near the hatbox to hear their new adventure as a Firefighter.


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If you've written a story or a novel, click Literary Agents email addresses to see a list of literary agents' e-mail addresses

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