Oxana's Pit

Vincent Tramain leaves his new office one afternoon to find three identical women in the hallway seeking employment. He learns they are in a difficult financial situation and decides to interview them over dinner at a restaurant. Vincent's new company is starting a magazine called Orphan and he is hiring personnel, but the triplets are just out of college. In spite of their inexperience Vincent is persuaded to hire them taking into consideration the fact that they are orphans, like himself.

While the Bravant sisters take extraordinary steps to always appear physically identical, Amber, Madeleine and Dominique have distinct personalities. Vincent is fascinated by all three: they are beautiful and very dedicated to their work. But he finds Amber, the more rational and straightforward of the three, especially captivating.

Aside from the magazine, Vincent presides a corporation called Echo Forests which raises funds to buy land in the rain forest areas of the world to preserve them from destruction. One stormy evening after an Echo Forests presentation at Vincent's residence, the triplets are invited to spend the night. During his sleep Vincent wakes three times from his dreams of making love with Amber. The next morning he realizes that one of the triplets has actually shared his bed the night before, but he doesn't know which one. They are not willing to tell him, no matter how hard he tries to discover the truth during the following days. He is confounded by the attraction he feels toward all three and the passion provoked by his mysterious lover.

While he is torn in this quandary, Wilson, his old friend and pilot, informs him of the burning of one of the areas owned by Echo Forests in the Amazon region, near Manaus. Since the Brazilian authorities show no hurry in taking measures to stop the indiscriminate destruction of the area, Vincent decides to fly with Wilson and Kitty, his blind dog, in his Cessna to personally take care of the matter. Wilson, who had been piloting the aircraft, dies of a heart attack and the plane crashes in the middle of the jungle despite Vincent's efforts to regain control of the aircraft.

At the crash site Vincent and Kitty find themselves without food and supplies. Kitty runs off and steals an animal from a young hunter. Keriona, a Yanomami native, follows his stolen prey and finds the crash site. After an attempt to kill him with his arrow, he is convinced that Vincent is not an enemy and takes him to his village where they discover the bodies of all the women and children slaughtered by outsiders. Vincent learns from Keriona, through crude sign language and pictures drawn in the dirt, that the men of his village had been enslaved and forced to work in a mine some distance away.

The open pit mine is operated by a sadistic woman named Oxana. She uses slave labor to search for amber. Some of the pieces contain insects and small animals from prehistoric eras which she sells at high prices on the black market.

At Keriona's village a group of poachers take Vincent prisoner and sell him to Oxana, who fancies him not as a worker but as a sex slave.

In the meantime, the triplets request the help of an Argentine friend of Vincent's, Fernando, to search for the missing plane. Fernando flies his LearJet from Argentina to Manaus and gathers a search team. The triplets join him and soon they find the crash site, but not Vincent or Kitty. Following their tracks through the jungle the group also falls into the hands of the poachers and end up at Oxana's Pit.

Oxana's greed and her lust, force Vincent, Amber and the others to examine their own convictions and contradictions about love, compassion, sex and ambition. They all discover their true natures and human weaknesses before this evil woman who is also influenced by their presence.

Keriona, the little hunter, and Kitty, the blind dog, lure Oxana's guards into the jungle away from the camp, set fire to the buildings and rescue the prisoners. Oxana flees from her burning house but finds death in a fierce jaguar's angry jaws.

Back at the publishing company, Orphan magazine is out on the streets with great success. Vincent makes the sisters his partners and the company joins the efforts of the University of Amazonia in Manaus to preserve the rain forest and the Yanomami homeland.

In the end all the characters are transformed after their ordeal in the jungle and their experience at Oxana's Pit. The triplets define their unique styles and distinct personalities by breaking their tradition of dressing and behaving exactly alike. Vincent and Amber take a long train trip across Europe fulfilling one of Vincent's cherished dreams.

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