Where The Dandelions Are...

        When I need to be alone
        And find a place obscure
        I run into the flowered field
        A place remote for sure
        The snapdragons will spit and roar
        The tigerlilies growl
        The horseflies neigh and pull the reigns
        The dragonflies will howl
        The ladybugs curtsy and flit their wings
        The crickets chirp along
        As all the tulips hum the words
        The bluebirds know the song
        I wave "good-bye" to all my friends
        It's almost dinner time
        And turn around to go inside
        With one more hill to climb
        The day is done, time to go home
        It isn't very far
        To find the unpretentious place
        Where the dandelions are...

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