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Literary Agents email addresses

If you've written a story or a novel, click Literary Agents email addresses to see a list of literary agents' e-mail addresses
These are non-fee agents and if they have a website, you will see a link to the website listed next to the agent's email address

The Writers' Page.

A showcase for writers, both published and unpublished, in all categories and genres

Publish your stories, articles, poetry, novels, or any other type of writing, on the Writers’ Showcase for as little as $20 a year.

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Author Index

Crysse Morrison, England----Short Stories, Stage Plays, Radio Plays, Columnist, Novelist
William Strasbaugh, USA----Novels
Mr. Jyoti Sarup, India----Nonfiction books, Plays, Novels
August Hunt, USA----Essays, Published Books--Theoretical Mythology, Novels--Heroic Fantasy
Marilyn Grandi, Argentina----Short Stories, Translator, Columnist, English Instructor, Editor
Ariion Kathleen Brindley, USA----Short Stories, Novels--Adventure
José Francisco Pintón, Italy----Poetry in Spanish
Ann Stanton, USA----Children's Fiction, Short Romantic Fiction, Columnist
Paul England, Australia----Children's Books, Short Stories
Sherry-Anne Jacobs, Australia----Historical Novels, Science Fiction/Fantasy, How-To Books
Stan Kolodziej, USA----Computer Issues -- Fiction and Nonfiction
Helen Jean Hagemann, Australia----Poetry
Nicholas Arganbright, USA----Screenplays
M. J. Brewer, USA----Short Stories, Novels and Poetry
Hazel M. Green, USA----Poems and Novels
Julian Ruck, USA----Poems and Short Stories
Joseph Cube, USA----Short Stories, Essays and Poems
Darcell Scott, USA----Short Stories
Rayford Arnold, USA----Children Stories, Novels, Poetry
Toni Nnadi, USA----Inspirational Poems and Short Stories
Joyce Cavalccante, Brazil----Journalist and Novelist
James Bowie, USA----Short Stories
G. Carlton Booker, USA----Novels
Jessica Clifton, USA----Short Stories, Poems
Elizabeth Richards, USA----Poems
Lisa Lawrence, USA----Children Stories
Teresa Lucas, USA----Short Stories
Bijaya Ghosh, India----Short Stories and novels

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If you've written a story or a novel, click Literary Agents email addresses to see a list of literary agents' e-mail addresses

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